Renovations Soon Begin for Lander's Airport

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The process of building a new runway for Lander's airport has begun and News 13’s Landon Harrar showed us why the renovations are needed.

Lander's airport stays busy year round and officials say, “It’s going to be a much safer airport when we’re done.”

Lander Mayor Del McComie, “We have more flights in and out of Lander and more planes stored here than any other general aviation airport in the state of Wyoming.”

The renovation uses mostly government money.

“The cost of the airport is about one million two hundred thousand dollars it’s a little bit less than that ninety percent of that comes from the federal government through the FFA and eight percent of it comes from the state of Wyoming through the Wyoming Aeronautics Commission and two percent of the cost is being born by the city.”

According to the airport manger the current runway is not safe.

Gary Loose, Lander Airport Manager commented, “Surface underneath the runway is deteriorated to the point where you could actually plunge an airplane through the top of the asphalt because it’s deteriorated.”

As soon as construction takes off in August the airport will be grounded for a few months.

“They will be completely shut down from August 8th and the completion date is slated for October 25th I believe in and around there depending on the weather and drawbacks.”

“One of our events that everybody loves is of course the air shows that we put on in august but the airports going to be closed this year so we’re not going to be blessed to have that air show.”

An additional 300 feet of safety run will be added to the end of the runway.

The Lander Airport's last renovation was 30 years ago the new runway will be ready for next year's aerial show.