Remember the Buddy System While Out for the Yearly Hunt in Wyo

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Wyoming hunters are beginning to get itchy fingers with the changing of the season.

Fall hunting season is here and sheriff deputies want to be sure resident and non-resident hunters use common sense in the field and are prepared for the worst.

Here in Wyoming, the weather can change in the blink of an eye.
Hunters as well as outdoor recreationalists should always dress in layers, have plenty of food and water and be conscious of the area they are in.

The most important thing to adhere to: always go out with a buddy and let someone know where you are.

David Hulshizer, Natrona County Sheriff Investigator urged, “Be sure to let people know where you are going. Let people know when you are leaving, and when you are expected back. And give them a general location, more specifically if you are camping try to give a location of where that camp is so that we can know where to start if we do have to go find you."

Hulshizer also stressed remembering to stay calm if you do get lost, use your head and sometimes the best option is staying in one place and allowing help to find you.

He also shared a series of other tips while out recreating in Wyoming in the fall:

• Tell somewhere where you are going.
• Have plenty of water or a portable filtration container or water treatment solutions pills.
• Ensure your cell phone and GPS device is fully charged.
• Pack a day pack with everything you need to be safe.
• Have a way to light a fire to stay warm and signal for help.
• Don’t travel in the dark, adding to the chance of injury.
• Have maps of the area and know how to read them correctly.
• Know how to build a shelter for the night.
• Prepare for un-expected situations. Take a survival class ahead of time.
• Stay calm, don’t panic. Keep a level head.