Remember Winter Driving Safety When Driving on Icy Roads

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CASPER, Wyo. Wind and snow lasted all day, but during the evening temperatures will continue to drop, making road conditions hazardous.

"With the strong winds, I guess lots of blowing snow and drifting um that did force some road closures etcetera hopefully in the next couple of hours as the winds start to die down those roads will be opening back up." Said Lowell Fleenor, the district engineer of WYDOT.

I25 and I90 were closed earlier Monday, making it almost impossible to travel.

Snow plows are expected to continue working clearing roads, but WYDOT officials advise against driving.

If you must drive, be cautious.

"Yep, we defiantly would encourage everybody to slow down, take it easy. Drive with your headlights on," said Fleenor.

Before heading out on your trip make sure to check road conditions as they may be closed.