Reduction of Schools in Fremont County?

Fremont County Schools may shrink next year.

News 13’s Raven Ford spoke with school officials about the possible changes.

State School Committee members began a study evaluating school spaces.

After visiting Fremont County Schools, consultants found too much extra space in district 25 properties.

District 25 Superintendent Terry Snyder shared, “The other part that they're looking at is the age of our buildings in the real driving question is do we get enough major maintenance money to take care of all of our buildings that they hope they're going to last.”

Building supervisors said most money goes to coping with older buildings' inefficiencies.

Larry Hartwell, District 25 Building and Grounds Manager commented, “We’re having a lot of issues with some of the sewer lines and water lines so that's another high dollar items to take care of.”

School officials said the changes won’t be as drastic as Natrona County School closures; however the future of older buildings is in question.

"The real strain comes; can you keep all of your old buildings open while still continuing to maintain our newer building? So that they last for that 50, 60, 70 year period of time."

“I just think that if we can take our dollars and concentrate more into our buildings that we need then we can provide a better learning environment.”

“When I look at this as a superintendent this is us for us to figure out for the next two or three years we are really trying to position this in a sustainable situation for the next 20 to 30 years with the facilities.”

Lawmakers have suggested options such as converting older school buildings into recreation facilities, but no decision has been made.

School officials are discussing possible solutions and plan to make their decision at the beginning of next year.