'ReThink School' Comes to the Wind River Indian Reservation

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U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' tour moved into Fremont County.

The Secretary of State Betsy DeVos' was at St. Stevens Indian School where she not only spoke, but also visited classrooms.

"I really wanted to show her a snapshot of what we're doing at St.
Stephens every single day."

Teachers were advised of the visit only a day before.

“It was stunning when I first heard it first of all that she was coming to the school and then secondly that she wanted to come into my classroom.”

Brower added the secretary was hands on with students.

“When she was on the floor in my class with the kids and she was working with one of my students and she was coaching her.”

The visit from the Washington official was not the only reason school officials were thrilled.

"We actually received an increase of off the top of my head, $21 million for a triple grade schools in the Bureau of Indian Education so that means it's going to be an increase for us,” Frank Norunner, District I Superintendent.

An increase in budgets and specials visit, school officials said they're grateful for it all.

“So we are very fortunate and I guess we're just really happy and really appreciative of her decision to come visit us.”

Although St Stephens was the last stop in Wyoming, the "ReThink School" tour will continue to other states.

During the visit of DeVos, the students shared some of their traditions including: a pledge and a drum performance.