Transformation of Roosevelt High Taking Shape

Casper's old Roosevelt High School building has been re-vamped and transformed into a community building.

The high school saw its final day a few years ago.

On Tuesday News 13 checked on the progress being made and what the future will look like for the building.

A school once filled with students learning and teachers teaching, the building was empty for a while, but now with a new purpose, the building is made useful.

Executive Director of Interfaith in Natrona County, Carrie Blase told News 13, “Originally we were, we had space at Casper Housing Authority on Durbin and it was very tight quarters for us. And when they bought the old Roosevelt High School, there was office space available, as we became the host agency here."

Casper Housing Authority staff purchased the building, working with Interfaith officials to serve the homeless and those in poverty within our community.

Development Director at Casper Housing Authority, Lori Burns shared, “We now have our business license so that we can open the 'Rehab for Less' hopefully within the next couple of months. And then from there, it's working with different organizations and stuff, and making sure that we do utilize the space to the best of our abilities."

Contractors work to create more places providing services for those down on their luck.

"We just think it's great that we're bringing more into the neighborhood. The neighborhood needs more, it just needs more. And it shouldn't be ignored anymore, and now it's not so we're very happy to be the host agency here."

Officials hope the building will be completed soon, maximizing available opportunities.

For now, the old Roosevelt High School sign sits in place as talks of a new name for the building are still in the works.