Rattlesnakes are Out

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As summer rolls in snakes are rolling out and rattlesnakes are on their way out of hibernation.

News 13's Bobby Poitevint spoke with state game and fish department representatives for tips before heading out into nature.

"Rattle snakes are generally out this time of year. Generally out in the morning and evening hours, which are the cooler hours of the day. Rattle snakes are not an overly aggressive snake. If you come near one they are just gonna rattle their rattles as a warning sign and they are only gonna strike people if they are in really close proximity."

Rattlesnake attacks are minimum in Casper but officials with the Wyoming game and fish department want you to stay safe this summer.

"We recommend with rattlesnakes is that you always be aware of your surroundings."

Janet milek says take notice and stay on designated trails.

"Stay on main trails because often times the snakes will be in areas that aren't quite as beaten on a path. They're gonna be sitting on rocks. Probably sunning themselves to try and stay warm. So always watch if you’re gonna take a rest on a rock make sure before you sit down on rocks that you take a look around and make sure of what you're doing."

A common trend happening that Milek advises against are not walking and texting.

"texting and walking and not paying attention to where they are or they have earphones on when they are out in nature. One of rattlesnakes natural defenses is to use their rattle to let you know they are there and to avoid them. So if you can't hear them then that can cause some problems."

Milek says you are more likely to bitten by a snake if you try to kill it. So she recommends to leave these guys alone.

"Most of the snake bites do occur when people are trying to kill the snakes. So if you do encounter a rattlesnake just avoid it. "
And a common rule of thumb is to give yourself and the snake some space

"Give it five or six feet stay away from it. Don't try and provoke it, don't throw rocks at it, don't throw sticks at it, if you just leave it alone. It will leave the area and so should you."

Officials with the Wyoming game and fish department want you to have fun this summer but be cautious and stay safe.

Wyoming game and fish officials recommend wearing jeans and boots when out in nature and not shorts.

Also rattle snakes are fond of trash...logs...and leaves.