Elusive Female Wolverine Sighted in Wyoming

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Wolverines are so rare, there are only an estimated six to ten in the entire state.

Wolverines can roam thousands of miles across states; this is why sightings are so rare in Wyoming.

Though rare, a recent sighting this year has shown promise for the population.

This sighting was so special because it's a sighting of a female which was first documented eleven years ago.

Zach Walker from the Wyoming Game and Fish told News 13, "I actually had a re-capture, a photo re-capture of one of the wolverines that we know is at least eleven years old and she’s been documented eleven years ago but she’s very unique and we were able to see her again this year."

Wolverines are estimated to live between five and thirteen years.
This one is unique because of the black spot on her left paw, making her easily recognizable.

Wyoming is part of a four state study including Washington, Idaho and Montana to study the elusive creatures.

Walker also said they believe populations are increasing, but there's still not enough data to really know.

They are currently a protected species. One wolverine was documented traveling from up near Montana, all the way to Colorado, and then back to North Dakota.