RHS Stepping It Up to Support Hurricane Harvey Victims

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Aid for Hurricane Harvey extends to Fremont County through Riverton High School.

News 13’s Raven Ford spoke with organizers about helping Houston victims.

Taylor Haley, Riverton FFA advisor shared, “The FFA was going to do a small drive for just FFA Chapters in Houston that were hurt or hit by the hurricane. And then we ended up expanding it throughout the whole district and part of the state and included some other districts that were close to us and now it's become this big giant project that we're going to take on and deliver to Houston.”

High school students involved said it was a great opportunity to give back.

Talyn O'Neil said, “This gives you a chance to like make yourself do something more than just for yourself because at this age we tend to think more selfishly.”

Some students said they've experienced minor flooding, but nothing compared to Houston.

Morgan Dykman, Riverton FFA President, “The closest thing I can think of is when it floods here in Riverton every now and then I have a few friends that live close there and they get flooded out but just imagining anything more than that is awful.”

"We have like flooding around here and I know it's been awful for us so I can only imagine what they're going through it's got to be one of the worst feelings in the world.”

Things like cases of water and even boxes of cereal are some items FFA members are accepting for hurricane Harvey victims.

"Just toothpaste maybe some clothes because these people really have lost everything."

If you have anything extra you know everybody does spring cleaning or fall cleaning a lot of that stuff we can use a lot of it we can take down to them.

Donations will be transported by volunteers.

"We've had several of them offer for us to use their trucks and trailers and so will take it down the first part of October. It’s going to go to schools districts shelters that are there if we get pet food will take them to pet shelters and then we're going to have shown boxes for the FFA Chapter specifically to kind of replace the items that were lost in the hurricane.

Donations will also be taken during the high school pep rally parade.

For those interested in donating you can drop off items at Riverton High School or arrange for pick-up.