'Quilts of Valor' Honor 45 Local Vets

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Veterans Day may be over, but for some recognizing a veteran's service doesn't end.

Handmade quilts were made by volunteers Sunday and given to local veterans.

News 13's Bobby Poitevint spoke with quilters who felt honored to help.
Casper residents quilt with a passion while supporting our soldiers.
Over 20 volunteers from Casper’s, 'Quilts of Valor' group spent a year sewing quilts for veterans.

It's their way of giving back to veterans.

One quilter Hilda Eckert commented, "For the veterans, my husband was in Vietnam and he never got any recognition and when they started to do this I decided I wanted to do it for him."

Shirley Carmona shared, "To understand that they've sacrificed a lot, it’s important to say thank you, it doesn't have to be a lot just a little bit of thank you."

"I had a friend who's a quilter. She and her husband are active with veterans’ events and when she made his quilt it just inspired me I wanted to make one too,” said Sandy Elliott.

Each year community members nominate veterans to receive a quilt.

After quilts are presented veterans get their names hand signed on the quilts.

One quilter wished she could share a quilt with her nephew a retired veteran with 10 years of service.

Jonna Carlson said, “They live in Maryland so I wish they were here so that I could present him with one. I presented my uncle with one last year which was very special to me.'

Quilts were given to nominated veterans and many felt honored to have received them.

PFC. Joe Shinmori, WWII Army Veteran, “This is quite a deal, it’s nice that quilt; my gosh they put so much in it; it’s a really nice quilt.

Army Sergeant Edward Miller shared, “Well honestly I don't think that I was worthy of it. I mean I know a lot of people that were a lot more worthy then me but I will do my best to make sure that I live up to the name of this quilt."

This year, 45 local veterans were nominated.

Quilters are already working on next year's quilts.

'Quilts of valor' is a national non-profit group.

Organizers said this month the national organization gave out almost 200-thousand quilts.