Putting Your Trash, In Somebody Else's Dumpster

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Every day, we all throw away our garbage, not giving second thoughts about where it goes. But some people have been discarding their unwanted items in business dumpsters.

"It's really upsetting to me that someone would blatantly do this,” mentioned Wyatt Johnson of 1st Interstate Motel Inn. “Casper's full of very respectful people. I love this community, but this really brings a bad name to it and kind of puts a bad taste in my mouth."

Just because the dumpsters are in the open, doesn't mean that it's free for everyone to use. Consequences can be severe. Putting trash in somebody else's dumpster can result, not only in a fine, but a possible misdemeanor as well. Casper city officials will send out investigators to find out the situation of the dumpster fillings.

Items like chairs, tables, trampolines, and toys overflow the 1st Interstate Motel dumpster, which was rented for renovation purposes.

"Last night, approximately around 9 to 9:30, we had someone illegally throw a trailer full of content in our dumpster, which is actually against the law,” said Johnson. “We're trying to find out who it is."

City officials say they have their ways of figuring out exactly who is responsible for throwing out trash in the wrong dumpster. Officials try to educate the public first before pressing charges.

For more information about residential codes, visit the City of Casper website at www.casperwy.gov.