Public Comments from the House Education Committee Meeting Monday

The education budget concerns many Wyoming families for the effect it could have on our children.

News 13's Jenna Jackson was in attendance Monday night at the House Education Committee meeting.

During public comment period, three main concerns and topics were brought up:

• Special education freeze.
• Changing funding model during session.
• Allowing for local control to make cuts.

Ideas for revenue were also discussed.

Some ideas were for more taxes, whether it be income taxes or on goods like alcohol.

Some of the public comments were recorded and provided below from the meeting:

"Our son has been a student, who happens to have some special needs. Thank you for your time."

"These are faces of real people, with real names."

"The bottom line is, we have a significant number of young, very energetic, enthusiastic teachers, who if we turn away, with the national shortage of teachers that's coming forth, we're never going to get them back."

"There are fewer kids in school, you automatically got less funding in the schools and so I think that's something that we need to take into consideration as we look at that funding."

The bill will likely hit the house floor on Wednesday of this week.