Prostate Device

"I was probably around 45 that I noticed and would have to get up more frequently at night to urinate."
Gary Baker is a rancher who spends most of his days out on a tractor. Those days and nights were interrupted by the need to go to the bathroom Gary Baker said.

"You're exhausted because you haven't had the amount of sleep you need. Anxiety sets in you're just irritable through the day so there are a lot of side effects."
Doctor Paul Kenworthy says Gary is one of nearly 40 million American men suffering from an enlarged prostate.

"BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is really the physical enlargement of that glandular tissue of the prostate and the incidence of that enlargement causing symptoms increases with each decade of life," said the Urologist.
At one point, Gary was on medication for BPH and anxiety.

"When you get to a point, you realize that you'll do anything."

"What really interested me what that that it was a totally different treatment from what we had before."
Urolift is an FDA approved, outpatient, minimally invasive procedure that uses tiny implants to relieve obstruction of the prostate with no cutting, heating or removal of tissue as with previous treatments.

"It's literally like holding the lobes of the prostate open like opening the curtains on center stage."
Newly released trial results show the Urolift system is the only BPH procedure that does not cause new symptoms of sustained sexual dysfunction.
Doctors say it is a permanent solution that should become the standard care.
Gary says he's totally off his medication and he's sleeping soundly now.

"I feel great I feel great it's just a new lease on life and there's not anxiety of wondering where is the restroom out in public before I was always looking for a restroom and had to know where one was now I don't have to worry about that it's really been a life changing procedure for myself."