Private Schools may Soon be Free from County Zoning Laws

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. This stems from Teton County commissioners rejecting a private school's leadership request to rezone land for a new facility.

“The county commissioners in Teton County have made it very difficult them to expand their school. They’ve gone beyond what we do for our K-12 public school.” Said Representative David Miller.

“My primary concern is equating private schools and public schools. I think there’s a functional difference beginning with the fact that public schools have duly elected boards that are therefore responsible to all the residents of that school district.” Countered Representative Andy Schwartz.

Jackson Hole classical academy leaders include former Republican gubernatorial candidate Foster Friess, who has been pushing hard for the law, even if it violates local control.

“It’s basically a platform of the Republican Party that… you know… government closer to the people is better government. So this would be hypocritical to say the least.” Said Representative Jim Roscoe.

The school may have to shut down if the bill fails.