Primary Voting

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"I thought it was really easy", a voter said.
"This worked out really well", another voter said.
For many voters, the voting process took minutes to finish.
"Got right in, no problems, it was great", a voter said.
"As I was walking in the parking lot i got a lot of good feedback that it took less than 5 minutes to go through the process", Renea Vitto, Natrona County’s clerk said.
Voters had many choices for their votes.
"I think it's really important for us to have somebody in Washington DC that knows our issues that knows our people and that has a proven record on issues that are important to us and that's the kind of candidate I am", Tim Stubson, a U.S. House of Representatives candidate said.
This year, the restoration church and the industrial building were consolidated locations and were run electronically.
The restoration church had 6 precincts and the industrial building had 14, 46 precincts total in the county.
Voters checked in, got a voting slip, a ballot, and voted.
"Liz Cheney and republicans", a voter said.
"I voted for myself", another voter said.
"Voters can even do same day registration all they need is a form of id from there an election judge will let you know where you can vote.”
“So where can I vote?” Jackie Wetzler with News 13 said.
“You need to vote at the library”, an election judge said.
“Thank you very much', Wetzler replied back.
Voters didn't need to bring a form of ID if they were an active registered voter, but they did need one if they were changing their political party.
But some were a little confused where to vote.
"It was a little confusing because they've changed the polling places", a voter said.
Not all voting poll locations changed.
"It's only if you voted in schools within the city limits of Casper or Shepard of the Valley Care Center those are the ones that have moved to the consolidated polling places", Vitto said.
While many came out to vote, county staff encouraged everyone to be heard.
"Just come out and vote", the county ID director said.
Candidate supporters were required to stay 100 feet from polling places.
Polls close at 7pm tonight. Vitto says as of last (Monday) night at 5:00 there were 3,490 absentee ballots received....but she's expecting around 4000 by the end of the night.