Pregnancy Bills Fails to Pass

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. Committee members defeated the Wyoming pregnant workers fairness act with a five to four vote.

"If an employer already provides reasonable accommodation for a temporarily disabled worker, they must provide a reasonable accommodation for a pregnant worker, but it's not clear what that reasonable accommodation has to be so the bill provides clarity." Said Mike Yin of Teton County.

Some committee members who voted against the bill were concerned it would be too harmful to business.

Others thought it was confusing or redundant as federal law already has some requirements.

However, federal law only covers businesses with a minimum of 15 employees.

"In all of the federal discrimination statutes, it only covers employers of companies of 15 and above. So if you're a small company, in Wyoming statutes, for all of our discrimination statutes, it covers companies between two and 15, so this would also include companies between two and 15." Said Yin.

He said he will try to revive the bill this session.

If he fails, he will try to make it a topic for discussion during the joint interim session.

The representatives who voted against the bill were unavailable for an interview.