Pre-Flood Prep a Success in County 10...So Far

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Flood preparations in Fremont County served their purpose well.
News 13’s Landon Harrar shows us the overall effects last week’s floods had around Fremont County.

Fremont County Emergency Managers say all the pre-flood preparations done this spring saved the county from experiencing a full-blown disaster.

Kathi Metzler Fremont County Emergency Management Coordinator, “Just two months ago I was worrying more about it than I am currently, the water came off pretty good for us, we had some warm and some cool and stuff but the preparing measures the communities came forth and did ahead of time is what saved it from being a total disaster.”

Leslie Shakespeare from the Shoshone Business Council member, “The 2011 flood it kind of caught us off-guard, we weren’t prepared, we had a lot of areas that were washed out, bridges washed out, it really affected our infrastructure so I think this year like I said before in coordination with homeland security and WYDOT we’ve been able to prepare adequately.”

Hudson's flood wall also held fast; a few leaks were found but nothing major.

“We did end up with some water through the Hesko barriers in Hudson but they aren’t normally water tight, they just control the volume.”

Metzler says although they were worried some preparations like Hudson’s wall would force water to escape further downstream, it didn’t happen.

“We didn’t know when we put the individual protective measures up in spots if that would pressure the water in another section, haven’t had any calls that that’s how it ended up so we’re feeling quite happy about it.”

Lander’s own, “Great Wall” didn’t even get wet.

Measures taken up stream kept water in the river channels and out of residents' path.

“Lander did great; we ended up with no water as far as I’m aware against the wall of Fremont in Lander.”

Metzler says they are right now doing damage assessments for the county's infrastructure to see what infrastructure may need to be repaired.

Rivers are expected to reach minor flood stages again this weekend, but it will not be enough to cause concern.