Pop in the Shop Annual Car Show Returns to Casper

At it again this year, Pop in the Shop volunteers held a car show at the Highland Park Community Church on Saturday in support of Father’s Day.

The group mentors kids ages seven through 17 and teaches them the ins and outs of cars.

More importantly, the adults involved also stand in as role models for the kids to teach them the values of kindness, love and respect.
It also gives the fatherless kids a safe and useful hobby.

Chad Cheever told News 13, “It keeps them off the streets; it keeps them out of the whole drug scenario. The statistics on kids falling into a drug world like that is pretty high without dad being around all the time. So we try to take a little bit of the slack so they hopefully don't end up there."

Saturday’s event had many cars on display as well as raffles and other fun activities.

The car show raised money and awareness of their ever growing group.

Starting with three adults and three kids in 2012 the group has grown to over 30 adults and 45 kids.

Recently they had to get a new garage to fit all their members.