Police Say Teen Pushed Back and Suspect Fled from KWHS

Just before noon Monday a young student reported being sexually assaulted in the parking lot of Kelly Walsh High School.

Casper Police boosted their presence around the school and will continue to patrol around the school this week.

They ask that students, teachers and residents near the school be vigilant of anything suspicious in the area and to report it.

The suspect is described as a white man about six feet tall, with unshaven gray facial hair and in his early thirties.

Casper Police SGT. Mike Ogden shared, "A young lady was going out to her car in the parking lot at Kelly Walsh High School when she was approached by a male, the male had made a comment to her and then started putting his hands on her, she was able to push him off and got into her vehicle and the male fled the scene."

If you have any information about the incident or the suspect, please call the Casper Police Department at 307-235-8278.