Police Arrest Man for Punching Officer During Fight

During the early morning hours of Saturday, March 10th Casper Police came to a family fight call on South Chesnut.

Reports show a woman could hear screaming and throwing things downstairs in the apartment complex, one said it sounded, "like someone was beating up another person."

Officers went to the downstairs apartment and one of the officers became involved in a struggle with a man in the apartment.

Reports show the officer stated during the fight, "He has my gun".

Court papers continue to show officers first checked into the apartment where the noises were coming from, a man met them at the door, identified later as fifty-three-year-old Travis Maddox.

Reports say Maddox attempted to shut the door and attempted to push the officer out of the doorway. Reports then show Maddox punched the officer and reached for the officer's holstered gun with two hands.

Court papers continue to show the officer punched Maddox several times while giving verbal commands to release his weapon.

Witnesses in the report say Maddox struck the officer multiple times.

Reports also show Maddox had become angry over a relationship in the apartment and assaulted another person. Report show the person did not want to press charges against Maddox.

The case remains under investigation, but officers recommended Maddox be charged with felony interference and attempted interference.