Pokémon Go Problems

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You've probably heard of it, or even seen it with your own eyes, Pokémon go.
It's the newest game people of all ages are obsessing over, but it's coming with some unlikely and negative consequences.
Pokémon players around Casper have been out at all times of the day, including late at night past curfew.
But the problems don't end there; players have also started to trespass onto private property and downtown businesses.
Casper police have also seen an increase in litter and people relieving themselves outdoors, now they are starting a no tolerance policy to cut down on these issues.
"Officers will be out enforcing these and actually be issuing citations for the littering, any trespassing, property damage and especially the curfew of kids being out past the curfew hours." - Detective John Hatcher
Detective hatcher wants to remind the public restrooms are available until ten o'clock each night near the downtown parking garage.
Curfew is eleven o'clock Sunday through Thursday and midnight Saturday and Sunday for anyone under 18.