Plans Rising for Wyoming Airlines

Wyoming's Aeronautics Commission looks to spread commercial air travel in the next ten to fifteen years, making air travel more accessible in areas across the state.

The Casper Airport is one of nine airports across the state offering commercial flights.

This airport doesn't have contracts with commercial airlines but, it continues to make travel to and from central Wyoming possible.

Casper Natrona County Airport Director Glenn Januska told News 13, “Immediately we would not be an airport that participating in this program um, but as the program develops there may be some funding opportunists for us to use some state dollars to enhance our funding."

The Endowment program aims to make plans for the next ten to fifteen years to enhance Wyoming’s economy, specifically through air travel.

Bill Panos, Director of Wyoming Transportation added, “The goal of today is to discuss how we effectively move air service across the state of Wyoming."

The efforts go beyond what was discussed.

“We have a couple of proposals that we have been working on with the airport operators with the state legislatures and with the administration regarding how do we look forward through the next ten years, the next fifteen years."

Getting all parties together helped all Wyoming airports get on the same page about the program and the steps needed for the program to be successful.

"We know that air service across the state is important to the state for business; attraction and expansion."

Finding the money to move forward with the project is the problem.

"We are working directly with the legislators and legislators that are looking to sponsor bills and other kinds of things to stabilize commercial air service and to fund commercial air service in the state of Wyoming."

Casper isn't directly impacted by the program, but officials hope they will be able to expand in the future.