Phase Three of the Platte River Trail Slated for Next Year

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CASPER The trail will connect one of Casper's greatest jewels- Rotary Park- to the rest of the city, providing a safe passageway on foot.

Completion is slated for the for September of 2019.

Some of the terrain on the project will be difficult to build on, being adjacent to the intersection of Casper mountain and Garden Creek, however, engineers say they can get it done.

The trail will end on the west side of Garden Creek across from the entrance to rotary park. The crossing will get stripping and signage, but users will still need to be careful getting from the trail head to Rotary Park.

The trail will serve as a safe connection to one of our communities most beautiful natural areas.

"We really feel like the public wants it and that they expect it..." Angela Emery, a member of the Platte River Trails Trust, says. "and that we've been advertising that we'll be able to get people safely to the entrance to Rotary Park."

Other projects include the connection between River Trail at Morad Park and the Walmart shopping area south of Wyoming Boulevard.