Pink the New Orange: A New Option for Wyoming Hunters?

All hunters are required to wear blaze orange when in the field in Wyoming, but a new option could emerge depending on action in this year's legislative session.

News 13's Jacquie Palizzi asked some female hunters how they feel about a bright pink camo option while hunting.

Hunting is one of the big attractions for Wyoming.

Hunter Maureen Lafferty commented, “It is just getting out and experiencing the nature and stuff and you know if being in a group, or a small party of people just experiencing that together."

Blaze orange isn't another fashion statement, as hunters wear it so other hunters can see them from miles away and not get shot at.

Wearing orange is a must while hunting, but after this upcoming legislative session, bright pink might be a new option for hunters and huntresses.

Jeffery Russell at Wagner’s Outdoors shared, “As of right now there is not an actual square footage or inch requirement."

Karen Philippi, another hunter shared, “I think that is great because those ugly orange colors are ugly. I think if a woman is going to do what she wants to do, she should be allowed to wear pink."

Lawmakers hope changing the color requirement will encourage more women to hunt.

However, many worry safety is at risk by wearing pink.

"You want something that is going to stand out and orange does. As it darkens up, it even illuminates a little more."

Some feel the clothing options are nice, but don't want to take away from the sport.

"I think that the woman that are hunting because they love hunting.
They love the sport and they love being out there. I don't think it's about what they are wearing that gets them out there and hunts."

Attracting people to the sport is a goal for many hunters.

"The thing is if we get more people in the sport, because the more people we get into hunting, the longer it is going to survive."

It would be nice to match your nail polish with your outfit, but it's all about safety out in the field.

You must only wear one item in blaze orange in Wyoming, hose items include: a hat, shirt, jacket, coat, vest or sweater and maybe something pink in the near future.