Picking the Right City for A New Veteran's Facility

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Every state has one, except for Wyoming.

"Wyoming is the only state that does not have a skilled nursing facility for our vets."

A skilled nursing facility for veterans with specific needs...will be built in the state within a couple of years.

Local and state leaders ask, where though?

"We’re, of course, in Casper, are more centrally located,” stated Sabrina Foreman, Vice President of Business Division in the Medical and Financial Industry. “So we're really pushing to have it here because we can touch more veterans because of our central location. And if somebody was in Sheridan, and their loved one is in Cheyenne, they have to travel a much further distance, to see their loved ones."

During the 2018 budget session, the senate enrolled act 21, requiring research on where to put a veteran’s facility that is the first of its kind.

"Wyoming does not have a state veteran’s skilled nursing facility. What we do have is an assisted living facility in buffalo. That's a lower level of care,” mentioned Stephen Kravitsky, Executive Director of Wyoming Veterans Commission. “Skilled nursing is a much higher level of taking care of those veterans who can no longer take care of themselves."

With the town hall meeting at Casper College, members of the community voiced opinions on why Casper should be the location to build the new facility, but others also expressed concern regarding staffing issues and other potential problems.

"We gathered data about the project, gathered data on a certain piece of property, data about a building and the information around the project, so the level one is a reconnaissance study," explains the Principal of MOA Architecture, Chet Lockard.

The idea of the new building will be implemented, but for now, the question that project leaders are looking to answer is location.