'Patriot Tour' Rides Through Wyo

Bikers carried an American Flag across Wyoming on its way across the nation.

The motorcycle riders were doing it to raise money for disabled veterans.

The “Patriot Tour” launched in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin May 19th, and will end there Labor Day.

The flag will be carried, waving from the back of a motorcycle 15,000 miles across the lower 48 states.

The Patriot Tour press release said they hope to raise $300,000 for disabled veterans and their families this summer. The flag arrived at the Buffalo Bill Harley Davidson in downtown Cody morning.

It was carried by bikers from Ogden, Utah, to Green River, then Jackson, Wyoming. The biker from Rock Springs, Mike Tipton, performed a ceremony as he gave responsibility to the next biker, Charles Keele of Powell.

Keele was sworn to protect the flag. He later said it is an honor for him to protect and carry the flag to Billings. While the flag was waving on the back of his motorcycle, he drove from Cody to Powell Monday.

He carries the flag to Billings Tuesday, where it will be carried by Montanans to several cities throughout that state.

Tipton explained how the tour raises money for disabled veterans, “Our different stops do different fund raisers, plus we see people on the road when we stop and they’ll make a monetary donation on the spot.”

Keele said he would protect the flag on the trip to Montana, “A lot of people died and bled for this flag for our freedom and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

This is the ninth year of the Patriot Tour. Tipton said they raised nearly $700,000 for disabled veterans in past years.