Past Council Members Reflect On Year Since Elections

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It has been nearly a year since an election with unexpected consequences on the national level, also had three Casper council members losing seats.

Daniel Sandoval, Steve Cathey, and Wayne Heili all served on the previous council.

Cathey and Heili have been enjoying the extra time on their hands.
Despite not being public officials anymore, they've been closely following the current council.

"A lot more free time."

Former councilman Steve Cathey has been taking it easy since leaving public office.

"It's been very nice. Been able to take longer vacations rather than leave on a Wednesday and be back on a Monday type situation," said
Steve Cathey from Casper Ward III.

Cathey lost his Ward III seat last year to Chris Walsh, who garnered 64% of votes.

Former councilman Wayne Heili is also enjoying his time away from city council.

He lost his seat to Jesse Morgan.

"I served on council as a service to the community. Never really had any political aspirations."

Although they remain out of the public eye, they closely follow council actions.

Cathey says city promotion is one thing that doesn't sit well with him.

"You're turning around and giving away more tax money in a time where you're asking city employees to cut benefits, to freeze wages."

Heili also says putting city employees first is top priority. That was his focus during his council term.

"One of my greatest concerns now is that pay freezes, have been reinstated and we've lost our city manager, our chief of police, we've lost our city attorney."

The tax increment financing district is also something Cathey doesn't like.

The TIF idea keeps portions of generated city taxes inside downtown.

"It's time that it needs to stop. If they want to do things, they need to be doing it themselves (Downtown Development Authority)."

I also asked Cathey about former police chief, Jim Wetzel's firing and turmoil inside the police department.

He says it was "painful" but wouldn't elaborate any further.

We also spoke with former mayor Daniel Sandoval who wouldn't speak on-camera.

When asked about his time on city council, he said he's "writing a book".