Clowder of Cats at Park County Animal Shelter

Park County’s Animal Shelter has received more than 500 homeless cats and dogs this year. And, while many were adopted, many remain.

The Shelter managers came up with a new way for people to adopt an animal, without bringing them home.

There are eight dogs at the Park County Animal Shelter, and on the last Friday in 2017, two were adopted.

But the kitties were everywhere.

They lounge in the window and watch the bird feeders, catch a bite to eat, and catch a nap when they can.

The Shelter manager said they have more than 60 cats now.

Brittany Vaughn explained, “We’ve been over capacity of cats since June of this year. In the month of June alone we had over 77 cats come in.”

A shelter worker answered a query on the phone, “We’re very limited on space. We’re full on cats right now. We’re over carrying capacity.”

So, this no-kill shelter offered a two for one on cat adoption fees in December. It helped.

Vaughn said, “We’ve had a lot of adoptions just for one month alone. We had over 35 cat adoptions.

The Shelter benefits from the Corgi Races fund raiser every January.
And, in December, a lot of people give year end donations.

But, Vaughn said, “Our responsibilities to the animals aren’t just once a year, but they continue year around.”

So, the shelter managers started a new monthly giving program. People can join, and “adopt” a pet for $5 each month.

Vaughn said, “It helps them set up a recurring donation so that all year around they’re supporting animals in our care.”

Vaughn said 35 people have already joined the program on the shelter’s website, donating as little as $5 which feeds one animal for a month, or as much as $100 a month, which does a lot more.

People are also donating by setting up a monthly payment on their bank’s bill pay system. Vaughn says a little bit from more people, goes a long way.

She pointed out, “Even if just everybody didn’t buy one cup of coffee a month and donated $5 a month to the shelter, that would change so many animals’ lives.”

The Shelter started the monthly giving program in June.

They also started a “Paw it Forward” program, which allows people to choose an animal and pay it’s adoption fee, so someone else can give it a forever home.

To see the pets up for adoption from the shelter, please click on the link to the right of your screen: