Parents and Students Listen to a Speech About Bullying and Suicide

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CASPER, Wyo. Megan Meier was just 13 years-old when she committed suicide.

Her mother now devotes her life to raising awareness and educating parents and teachers on handling bullying.

She believes kids speaking up can make all the difference.

Tuesday she will host a discussion for kids in our community.

"So we really want their thoughts their discussions and so we want this to be a discussion not a lecture." Said Tina Meier. "Hopefully getting them to come use their voice, stand up help in their community is whats going to make a big difference."

Meier says educators must listen to every student no matter how small the situation may seem, and realize that by the time a student speaks up, the issue might have been going on for a while.

She says you need evidence to discipline, but you don't need to have proof to listen and support.

"You don't want a zero tolerance policy, that is not going to work, but what it has to be is clear consequences of if this happens this is how we are going to handle it no matter who you are."

A suicide happens in Natrona County every two weeks, according to the Natrona County Prevention Task Force.

There are resources in our community for people who need help.

"The youth nowadays seem to be a lot more comfortable with texting or online or remaining anonymous so safe to tell is a really great resource i think." Explained Kyle Gamroth of the Natrona County Health Department.

Suicide and bullying happens everywhere, and if we don't talk about it or do something to help, it will continue unchecked.

"the people that are suffering they are not alone. 12-17 year old's in our state, 12 percent of them report having a major depressive episode in the past year, and over half those children didn't see any sort of treatment." Continued Gamroth.

Meier will host the talk for kids at the Crescent Moon Coffee house Tuesday at 4:30 PM.