Our Top Ten Stories of 2017

2017 has been a busy year...from the Las Vegas tragedy...to the "Me Too" Movement, and powerful figures being ousted from their jobs.

Meanwhile in Wyoming, our News 13 team captured some big stories this year.

We narrowed down our top ten stories of the year, beginning with numbers 10 through 6.

Number 10 starts with Casper leadership struggles back in April.

At that time, a Fraternal Order of Police survey’s release, cited problems within the Casper Police Department.

It also revealed leadership problems under former Police Chief Jim Wetzel, and former City Manager V.H. McDonald.

Later in June, Casper city council members chose Carter Napier as the new city manager.

Six months later, Napier announced Keith McPheeters as the new police chief.

Number nine is the overcrowded Natrona County School District bus from September.

That's when a photo surfaced online, showing kids sitting in the aisle and overcrowded seats.

Parents were upset seeing this, and asked the school district for answers. School district officials said...

"No kids in the aisles. The bus doesn't move. Notify us if the bus is full we'll roll up another bus," said Sydney Webb, the NCSD #1 Transportation Director.

The next day, school officials addressed and fixed the bus situation.

Number eight, takes us to Sheridan College where two Native American students became targets of racism.

They found a racial slur written on their dorm room door.

One of the students said she felt scared after seeing it.

"I didn't feel safe at all. I just wanted to go home after that," said Whisper SunRhodes, one of the Native American students.

We flash forward nearly a week later when another Native American student had her car vandalized.

"Well this morning when I woke up, I went outside to my car to get some pants and when I looked outside I seen that, I just seen that glass on the ground and I walked around and seen that my windows were busted out," said Shawntay Alden whose car windows were smashed in.

College officials later said "Hate would not be tolerated on campus", and later they issued a new initiative aimed at ending discrimination.

Number seven comes from early August when a Lander apartment building caught fire on Main Street.

The flames reached nearly 30 feet high, and firefighters used a thousand gallons of water to extinguish the blaze.

The fire destroyed the building, and firefighters ruled an electrical problem as the cause.

Red Cross workers later assisted families displaced by the fire.
Number six, we head to Yellowstone, where a search for Forrest Fenn's treasure ended in tragedy.

Search crews found 53-year-old Jeff Murphey's body in early June after he disappeared while hiking Yellowstone's Rescue Creek Trail.
Reports show Murphy died from a fall, but he wasn't the only one who died searching for Fenn's treasure.

“We’ve had somebody cut down a tree, and try to build a raft. we’ve had all kinds of crazy antics of people trying to get to this alleged treasure that we don’t believe is in the park anyway,” said Traci Weaver with Yellowstone National Park.

And these five stories make our list of the top ten stories of 2017.