Our Top Five Stories of 2017

We listed five out of our top ten 2017 stories and on Monday we looked at the remaining five, concluding 2017.

Our next top ten story occurred late in 2016 when 35-year-old Joshua Winters kidnapped a young boy from a Casper bowling alley.

Winters took the boy to the Platte River and sexually abused him.
The story goes into 2017 where Winters' case went to trial and twelve jury members found him guilty of kidnapping and abusing the young boy.

In September the judge sentenced Winters to 80 years to life for the crimes.

"My whole car is totally wiped out. The whole front of it's just banged up."

Our next story was a risky one earlier in June when eleven tornadoes touched down in Wyoming.

Golf ball sized hail fell in Douglas and Wheatland while a tornado destroyed a barn in Carpenter.

Tornadoes were confirmed in Casper, Cheyenne, Burlington and Kaycee.

“A tornado in Kaycee, Wyoming!"

Kaycee resident Chase Gosney, “Crazy, unexpected. Don't really have a tornado problem out here, until now. It's pretty crazy."

Luckily, there were no injuries reported during the statewide tornado outbreak.

Next, police arrested Casper businessman Tony Cercy in late July for three sexual assault charges affecting a 20-year-old woman.

Court records state the assault occurred at Cercy’s Alcova Lake house where he took advantage of the woman after she, "passed out" from drinking alcohol.

Cercy denied the story saying the allegations were not true. His trial is set for February this year.

Our number two story of 2017 involves Natrona County School District officials' decision to close four schools.

School board members voted eight to one to stop operations at Willard Elementary, Mountain View Elementary and University Park and Frontier Middle Schools.

They chose these four schools after a report revealed a 970 elementary seat vacancy district wide.

Natrona County School District Trustee Dana Howie, “It still just kills us to do this, but it would kill us more if we had to start laying people off."

And finally last but not least we couldn't forget the:

“Greatest show in the sky, without the sun.”

Our top 2017 is the Wyoming Solar Eclipse.

We spoke about preparations for the event and encouraged everyone to plan ahead and view the eclipse safely through special glasses or the safest way through a pin hole cut out.

After nearly a year of planning the August phenomenon covered parts of Wyoming in darkness for almost three minutes.

Many of us crowded Casper and Glendo for the event. These two communities were directly in the path of totality and arguably the greatest spots to view the event.

Following the eclipse was another uncommon sight for us in Wyoming we may not see again for sometime: Traffic.

Once visitors prepared to leave, traffic piled up for miles.

Waiting in the car may have seemed like eternity for some, but reviewing 2017 makes the wait seem marginal.

Thanks for sticking with News 13 this year, we hope to cover the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly news in Wyoming in 2018.