One Man In Custody for the Murder of an Elderly Lady Near Glenrock

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An elderly woman was found dead inside her home near Glenrock Monday afternoon from an apparent murder.

Converse County Sheriff's deputies arrested 42-year-old Adam Trujillo in connection with 68-year-old Connie Bean's death.

This house near Glenrock is where sheriff's deputies found 68-year-old
Connie Bean dead.

Evidence tape on the front door and this plastic glove are remnants of Monday's crime scene.

"A Converse County Sheriff's deputy and a Glenrock police officer arrived on scene and took into custody a fellow."

42-year-old Adam Trujillo was arrested and charged with first degree murder and aggravated robbery.

Deputies and agents worked until early Tuesday morning, covering the scene and collecting evidence.

"So it's currently under investigation by the Converse County Sheriff's Office."

A neighbor who declined to go on camera tells News 13 he witnessed Trujillo's arrest that day.

He also says bean was a nice and quiet lady who didn't bother anyone and her murder shocked him when he heard about it.

A motive behind the murder and the cause of Bean's death haven't been released yet.

Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation agents were brought in to help with the case.

There are no public safety concerns from the incident.