One Last Time on Council

Tuesday night was a busy one for Casper city council, sending off Kenyne Humphrey, Dallas laird and Jesse Morgan.

Our community thanked them for their dedication to Casper and welcomed those taking their seats.

One last time, hitting the green light indicating their presence
The three outgoing council members reflected on personal accomplishments and changes within the city.

"We hired a new city manager, a new city attorney."
And the not-so-good times

"I got to also apologize for 2017. That was a tumultuous year for everyone i believe," said outgoing council member, Jesse Morgan.

Sharing wisdom for our new council members

"I feel like we're the guardians of the citizens' money. And we have to understand what our citizens want us to do," said outgoing council member, Dallas Laird.

And how could four-time mayor, Kenyne, not go out without a bang after serving for 12 years.

"Thank you guys for an amazing 12 years… oh excuse me my phone's ringing. 'Hello. Oh you want to take me on a hot date tonight? I'm almost done with council so I’ll see you all later," said outgoing council member, Kenyne Humphrey.

While outgoing council members look forward to Tuesday night's off, Kenneth bates and Steve Freel... embrace long night's ahead.

"I’ll be your person that will be asking all the questions, getting in the weeds," said incoming councilmember, Steve Freel.

"I look forward to working with everyone," said incoming council member, Kenneth Bates.

And Mayor Ray Pacheco leaves his seat in the center.

"This group here that I had the opportunity to work with this last year has been nothing short of great and fun to work with," said outgoing Mayor, Ray Pacheco.

Ending the night as Charlie Powell and Shawn Johnson claim their new spots as mayor and vice mayor.

"This council isn't going to solve all those problems. But we have a responsibility to start with those things so future council so future council isn't stuck with a crisis that we overlooked," said Mayor Charlie Powell.

Newly-elected council member, Khrystyn Lutz, was not able to make it tonight, but will be sworn in later.