Old Explosives Found In Fremont County

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The discovery of old dynamite leads to Fremont County Deputies calling Natrona’s bomb team for assistance, and gives reason to review steps we should take to find some.

A man found the old explosives while clearing out a family member’s home.

The sticks of dynamite were quite old, so removing them safely required help from explosive professionals.

“Commercially produced explosives are typically pretty safe, if they're old they can degrade over time and become unstable which is why the precautions are taken especially with older explosives,” said Detective Mike Hutchison, the Sergeant from Fremont County Sheriff’s Department.

If you happen to stumble across any type of old explosives, do not pick them up or try to remove them yourself. Hutchison says contact the police immediately. They will come and assess the situation and call for fire or bomb squad assistance depending on the situation.
It’s also important that you fully describe explosives on the phone.

Any type of leaks or tears to the outer layer can mean they’re unstable and need experts to help remove.