Odessa College Cowboy Set to Ride Home

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Today we had great news from the world of rodeo as Odessa College bull rider Bradie Gray was discharged this afternoon from the Wyoming Medical Center.

Gray was injured back on June 15th at CNFR when a bull stepped on his chest, collapsing both of his lungs and critically injuring the rider.
Gray left the ICU at the Wyoming Medical Center on June 28th and today (July5th) roughly a week ahead of schedule Gray is leaving the hospital.

The Gray family sat down with the media today and talked about the support they received through this process.

Bradie told News 13, “I had people come from all over friends from the team that weren't even at the college finals come all the way just to be by my bedside just to support me is really a great feeling and experience and it was really emotional. “It’s like a big family where everyone knows each other and everyone is there for each other we are very grateful for all the support from the rodeo world and just the general community that has been even here and Australia and all over the world it’s just been fantastic." Said Mick Gray, Bradie's father.

The gray family will remain in Casper a couple more days before traveling back down to Texas.

After Bradie is cleared, the family will fly home to Australia.

Bradie did say he plans to take a good 6 to 12 months off before he getting back into rodeo.