Nothing Like Food Truck Friday!

Live music, good food and quality time down by the river.
Cars line the streets for almost half a mile as people take to the Tate Pumphouse for some good grub.

Food truck Friday started back in 2016.

"We started it just to invite people down to the river to enjoy the North Platte River and the river trails and it just was such a huge success that 2017 is our second year," said Angela Emery, Platte River Trails Board Executive Director.

The food truck rally at the pumphouse only happens once a month from June to September which is what some say makes it so popular and in demand.

"Platte River Trails Board knew about a lot of the food trucks and then after we held the first one or two events they started calling us and so we just kind of built on one another. The success of the events just snowballed."

Emery says as many as 450 people show up to the pumphouse on Food Truck Friday.

The rally features no more than 10 food trucks, ensuring variety, which is pretty easy when vendors offer such unique dishes.

"We've been pretty famous with our Wyoming phillies. There's nowhere else in the world you can get this type of Wyoming philly," said Rob Caputa, food truck owner.

While this is the first year Caputa has been involved with Food Truck Friday, other vendors have been coming since the start.

"Originally I got into this wanting to be an owner of my own business and just doing my own thing and you know not having to listen to people all the time," said Jeremiah Nation, food truck owner.

"Do the food that I really want to do."

Nation says certain elements make a food truck unique.

"Some of it you can freeze a lot of it you can't."

Good ingredients don't last a long time but that's certainly not a problem when some trucks have lines of people waiting for hours for freshly caught ingredients.

"My business partner, it was kind of his idea. His father is a captain of the Northern Leader which is the largest long lining ship in the united states. So they fish out of Dutch Harbor in the Bering Sea," said Hunter Anderson, food truck owner.

Anderson travels as far as Colorado where people also don't mind waiting over an hour in line for some good food.

While it has some scratching their heads, vendors say the fish and chips food truck popularity rubs off on them.

If you haven't been yet there are still two opportunities to check out Food Truck Friday on August 19th and September 8th.

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