News 13's Elizabeth VanMetre Sits down with Senator John Barrasso

Elizabeth: Dodson's ad calls you a Republican by name. What do you think of that?

Sen. Barrasso: He can take that up with President Trump. He can take that up with me. I’ve been a Republican and doctor for 25 years then senate for 10. It's pretty clear he just became a Republican.

Elizabeth: Is that clear, though?

Sen. Barrasso: It's clear to me, the state senate... the secretary of state that he became a rep. in May of 2018. He never voted in a Republican primary ever in Wyoming.

According to the records of the secretary of state. I'm primarily talking about my record: positive accomplishments for the people of Wyoming, improving the lives of the people of Wyoming, letting them keep more of their hard-earned money. That's what tax relief was all about. That's why we needed a Republican house and senate and president to do all those things and put conservative judges on the Supreme Court to get the biggest tax relief in 31 years, to help the ranchers and small business owners to change the death tax to get to keep that business in the family so they don't have to sell it. All of those things are really important to Wyoming people and I'm proud of having been part of it.

Elizabeth: Your ads say Dodson voted as a Democrat in Massachusetts. Is that misleading? Trump was voting as a Democrat in 2012.

Sen. Barrasso: Donald Trump has come out to endorse me in this race. He (Dodson) did vote Democratic in 2008. He did vote for Hilary (Clinton) and Obama and give money to Barack Obama. Obama did things to hurt Wyoming; he said he was going to bankrupt the coal companies. I stand by Wyoming coal companies, coal producers, coal workers, the hard-working men & women who put energy into our economy, who try to feed their kids. That's where my focus is: the people of Wyoming, but Barack Obama hurt Wyoming with his punishing regulations. So one of us has been fighting Obama's time in the White House and the other supported his campaign. Those are just the facts. You can't run from that. I'm happy to talk about opinions, but those are the facts.

Elizabeth: I see what you're saying, but some of the points you make are a little bit misleading. Was it him that gave that donation? Was it him or his ex-partner who did it?

Sen. Barrasso: Well, I don't know if it was him, or his ex-partners, but it's his name on the check...on the federal election commission filing and it's his name on the filing that went to Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is a socialist. He wants government-run healthcare, with the lines, the waiting lists, the lack of choice but that's who one of my opponents has supported by contributing $1000.

So I don't think it's a surprise when somebody attacks me as not being conservative enough when I ...when my pro-life voting record… endorsed by the NRA...endorsed by President shouldn't be a surprise to anybody that I'm going to defend my record of fighting for the people of Wyoming: The Wyoming jobs, the Wyoming families that were under attack by President Obama. And Obama had a clean power plan, and I am so happy that Pres. Trump got rid of that clean power plan. I asked him to do it and he did it. Other senators asked him to do it, and he pulled us out of that deal. We have listening sessions in Wyoming about the clean power plan in Gillette. I'm fighting every day for the people of Wyoming. My whole record is of fighting for the people of Wyoming, as a doctor, as a state senator, and now as a United States senator. It's a 30-year record I'm very proud of: the fight for the people of Wyoming. There's no question about who I've supported and who I've fought for. I've stood with, and worked for and fought for those full 30 years.