New Years DUI Numbers Low This Year

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CASPER, Wyo. Triple-A list New Year's Eve as one of the most dangerous holidays of the year due to drunk drivers.

This year Casper residents beat the stats, ending the night with just one DUI arrest.

"But I think overall people are just becoming smarter and realizing that there is a cheaper, even free, alternatives to driving or to getting home safety instead of driving." Said Officer Michael Hughes.

Some parking lots were left full, showing many drivers chose to find a safe alternative home.

"No one of the Casper police department is going to go over there and mess with the cars and or you know try to site them for parking in a private parking lot or anything. We can't do that. I mean they have all rights to park there and leave their cars there overnight." Explained Hughes.

High demand and limited drivers increased Uber and Lyft costs, with some bills hitting about ten dollars a mile.

However, Casper police officers were happy to see people choose an Uber bill over the price of injury or DUI.

"But when you see a full parking lot like that you know most people or quite a few people decided that they were going to be smart about the whole thing."

AAA staff say more pedestrians are killed on New Years Day than any other day of the year, but the frigid weather kept most people from walking.

We're reminded to always have a plan to make it home safely any time we go out.