New U.S. Citizens

Cody – For the first time, new American citizens were sworn in as they stood next to monuments in Wyoming’s Veteran’s Park. District Judge Steven Cranfill chose the park for his last naturalization ceremony before he retires.

17 people were sworn in as U.S. citizens in the naturalization ceremony. Judge Cranfill led the applicants in an oath of allegiance, before they were awarded their certificates of citizenship. In the oath, the applicants swore to defend the United States, and serve in the military if asked.

Wyoming State Treasurer Mark Gordon welcomed the new citizens, telling them our constitution encourages citizens to debate and even disagree about our core values. He called the event a powerful ceremony.

Gordon explained, “It makes you realize what a great country we have. You know we all have political divisions and discussions, but that’s part of American government and the fact that people are willing to step forward and be part of that dialogue, that’s, that’s amazing.”

After they received their certificates, Judge Cranfill asked the new citizens to step up to the microphone. They all thanked their families, and expressed thanks to the U.S.A. One man cried as he said, “I am very proud to be a citizen of America.”