New Study Shows Multiple Tattoos and Immune System Correlation

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If you're tired of the sniffling, sneezing, and coughing that comes with nasty common colds maybe you should get a tattoo!

A study from the University of Alabama suggests tattoos might help boost your immune system. News 13's Justin Roth takes a look at how.

Most people want to be healthy! Whether its working out, meal prepping, or maybe doing yoga. The goal is to improve our health both physically and mentally. So how about a tattoo to boost your immune system? Nicole Coleman is the Owner Sin City Tattoo and says, " Multiple tattoos could boost your immune system. Your body starts at a level you get a tattoo its immune system kicks in and starts to heal that and as it heals it brings your body back to a level, and as it get back to normal it's never going to go back down to the bases where it was its always going to have a better immune system each time you give it practice."

The same concept can be seen at the gym. After working out, you may be sore, but after a while the soreness fades; however, don't just go running to get a tattoo right now. It's important to note, people getting their first tattoo don't have the same response as those with multiple tattoos. Coleman says, "It's your natural immune system doing it's job it's like falling and scraping your knee when your kid, it takes a little longer and you scrap it again and it feels a little faster, same thing with tattoos."

In fact, the University of Alabama study showed your immune system may lower briefly after your first tattoo, but Coleman says there are other benefits. "It can help with mental heath too tattoos are pretty awesome they make you feel good not only physically give your immune system that workout but mentally take away a little bit of that stress.

Coleman adds tattoos aren't for everyone, but she's glad to see a study backing up a passion of hers. If you're looking for a more conventional way to stay healthy. Health experts say, stick with getting flu shots and make sure to get enough sleep.