New Snowplows Clean More Highway

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New snow plowing technology comes to Fremont County.

A demonstration of the new tow plow shows how WYDOT employees can cover more highways, more quickly.

WYDOT spokesperson Cody Beers said “we’re always trying to figure out during a snow event how to cover more of our highways with limited number of plows. This allows us to place one guy on a five lane stretch of road and then we can take the rest of our resources and put them on two lane highways.”

WYDOY heavy equipment specialist Shane Pugh said “what would have taken me 8 passes with a single truck working this road myself I can now do in two to three passes.”

The tow plow was invented in Missouri; there are now 6 in Wyoming.

“we now have six in Wyoming including this one we are deploying in Riverton, Casper had two of the tow plows in use last winter and they’ll keep two of the tow plows in use and there’s four others deployed throughout the state.”

Pugh stated “the plow alone that’s on the tow plow is 26 feet so with the main plow of the truck and the tow plow deployed we can clear a swathe of about 26 feet.”

The plow utilizes multiple ways of clearing highway at once.

Pugh said “the efficiency of it, it’s just going to be leaps and bounds for us having the ability to clear two lanes at once both not only clearing the snow but treating the snowpack with our chemicals and sand.”

Drivers are excited for winter’s first snow to see their new plow in action.

“Think of that six year old kid getting his first Tonka truck for Christmas morning, it’s the same concept I’m just an overgrown kid, Christmas morning I’m going to play with this new piece of equipment.” Said Pugh.

The tow plow and truck together is a 290 thousand dollar investment.

Beers says the new tow plow will cover 350 to 400-thousand miles of highway before it’s done.