New Shoshoni School, Same School Zones

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Shoshoni’s school may have moved but the school zone crosswalk over highway 789 will not.

The flashing 20 mile per hour sign is only on during times kids might use the crosswalk.

Superintendent Bruce Thoren of District #24 said “the crosswalk on the highway between Riverton and Casper is lit in the morning when kids are coming to school at lunchtime when potentially a kid could go home from school and of course when school gets out at the 3:30 time-frame.”

There are new bus routes to the new school, that doesn’t mean kids won’t be using the crosswalks.

“there’s always that situation, kid gets up late and misses the bus and they’ve got to get to school and their parents have gone to work or aren’t home or whatever the situation may be so there will be those kids that end up walking to school so we just have to ensure their safety.”

Crystal Knigge, a mother of 3 children living in Shoshoni said “my kids use this street all the time to either go to their friends’ house or their friends are coming here or they’re going to school or coming back from a school activity. I have a fifteen year old, eleven year old and an eight year old.”

News 13’s Landon Harrar reported “I spoke to multiple Shoshoni residents who say even though the school has moved the kids homes have not and they need these like flashing lights on the crosswalks so those kids can continue to get home safely especially across this road which has a constant flow of traffic.”

Shoshoni police watch the crosswalks closely and if you’re speeding you will get a ticket.

Knigge stated “I sit here in the store and see people all the time coming from out of town, going over the speed limit down this road and I’m thankful that we do have good law enforcement in this town and watch over our kids and make sure people are obeying the speed limit.”

WYDOT spokesman Cody Beers says over 5 thousand cars travel Shoshoni’s Main Street every day.

Thoren says around 30 kids walk to school regularly, many crossing the highway twice daily.