New Security Comes to Casper/Natrona County Airport

Casper-Natrona County airport staff are beefing up the security with a new scanning machine at TSA checkpoint.

The advanced imaging technology machine, or the TI, was recently installed at the airport as an extra security feature past the metal detector.

It's designed for scanning any metallic or non-metallic items such as weapons, explosives and other objects concealed under people's clothing.

The machine detects unknown objects by shading areas in yellow where passengers might be carrying unknown objects.

It also reduces specific images, protecting people's privacy.

Homeland Security Representative, Nico Melendez told News 13, “The larger airports in the country have them and use them almost exclusively. Once they were installed in the larger airports, we've now been able to move them into the smaller category 3, category 4, so the passengers going to the feeder airports are screened using this technology here."

Melendez also says passengers can opt out of going through the machine, but TSA agents will still require pat-downs.