New Rescue Mission Facility Opens

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Wyoming Rescue Mission staff officially opened their new facility Tuesday, two months ahead of schedule.

Wyoming rescue center is celebrating their 40th year of operation.
Just a little less than half a century offering food, shelter and support to those in need.

City officials came together and decided Wyoming rescue mission needed to serve more people.

Two months ahead of schedule they celebrate their grand opening to a facility that will house close to 200 men, women and children.

“The building is meant to speak a message to every person that comes in that you are worthy, that you are created with dignity and value. Let us help you connect with your purpose in life.”

The new building has a computer lab, state of the art showers and bathtubs and a medical clinic for its residents.

Members honor a saying at the Wyoming Rescue Mission that nobody leaves hungry.

The new kitchen has three full time chefs but they rely heavily on donations and volunteers.

“This Casper community just continues to amaze me with their generosity and when there is a need it just uh the community steps up.”
Governor Mead believed that one person can change a life for generations to come and knows a personal example of helping the homeless in our community.

“My great grandfather fell on very hard times as a young man who was still single and he was homeless.”

Governor Mead shared multiple success stories of people who came out of the Wyoming Rescue Mission, one being the woman who tore down the old building.

She used to live there, has a job and is doing well on her own.

“Um its really about one life of anybody that walks in here about that being the day for the rest of their lives and boy they do a magnificent job it’s such an important thing in our community I’m really proud of them.”

If you would like to volunteer or donate to the mission please visit for more information.