New Program Gives Hope to Displaced Workers

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When walking into the dentist’s office, anxiety and fear might be some common emotions patients feel. But with a new program that just started this past summer, more friendly faces are willing to greet us, to ease scare.

"We felt like, with the downturn of the economy and more people out of work looking for a new job and new careers,” mentioned Stuart Youmans D.D.S, co-owner of Dental Assisting Careers of Wyoming. “It would be a great time for us to start the dental assisting careers of Wyoming and give men and women opportunities to be a part of the medical profession."

Teaming up with the Work Force Center in Casper, people displaced from their jobs have an opportunity to learn a new skill with a twelve week program, becoming a dental hygienist.

"We don't train them to be just a general assistant for us, we train them that they can go into any office in town and feel comfortable knowing that they know what they're going to do," said Sabrina Schossow of Priority Dental.

Avoiding frequent trips to the dentist, several things should be done to take care of your chompers. Using too much toothpaste is wasteful, costing you more money in the long run, and flossing serves a greater purpose than just getting the leftovers out between your teeth.

"Dental hygiene is hugely important, not just for the oral health, but for the overall health,” explains Youmans. “We find so many links of disease processes; diabetes. You have some cancers that are specific to poor oral hygiene; heart disease. It's very important that the oral environment is kept healthy."

Helping us achieve picture-perfect smiles is what dental staff strives for; finding cavities is never fun.

"You can develop periodontal disease, which is a build-up of that stuff that we clean off every six months, and it eats away your bone and then you start to lose your teeth," added Schossow.

And the quickest way to comfort someone is with a smile.