New Move Over Law in Wyoming

CODY, Wyo. Several patrolmen, and other state workers have been hit by cars passing by.

“Since 2016, there’s been at least 12 state troopers that have been struck alongside the highway. And that doesn’t include all those other entities. Snow plows get hit every year.” Said Wyoming Highway Patrol Cody office supervisor Lt. Lee Pence.

Pence said laws protecting officers have been in place for years.

Drivers are required to move over to the other lane away from a stopped police cruiser: state, city or county.

But, the new Wyoming law that went into effect July 1 protects other parked vehicles.

"It’s important for the employees who are working alongside the highway every day, whether that’s a public utility, a construction vehicle, a maintenance vehicle, it’s important for their safety.” Pence said.

The law also protects firefighters, EMS personnel, and tow operators.

But, what if you are on a two lane highway, and can’t move over?

Wyoming’s new law requires all motorists to slow down at least 20 mph lower than any speed limit over 45.

If you don’t move over or slow down, you could be fined $235.

But, even a fine is better than injuring anyone working on the side of the highway, whether their lights are red, blue, or amber.

The move over law is also effective in Montana, Colorado, South Dakota, Nebraska, and other states around the country.