New Healthcare Options For Riverton

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Riverton's Fremont health center has a new location and upgraded facilities.

The new health center is nearer the hospital, meaning more efficient health care for patients.

Community Health Centers Interim CEO Cole White said “its adjacent to the hospital so people can get labs or imaging a little easier than at our other location but it also allows us to do a little more collaboration with the college, with the school system and with other members of the health and human services community here in Riverton.”

Riverton’s mayor says a city poised for growth needs multiple health care options.

“We think that Riverton is going to grow and be a more vibrant town than it is today and the fact that community health centers has chosen to move into new facilities here in Riverton and upgrade their services is a real positive indication that they agree with us that there’s gonna be a good market here in Riverton.” Stated Mayor Lars Baker.

Patients with low incomes and no insurance can see a physician for just 20 dollars.

White said “a person can come in and get regular primary medicine and women’s healthcare services for a discounted rate under our sliding fee scale. So in addition to family and women’s health we offer behavioral health as well as access to other resources such as dental, lab radiology and things like that.”

Mayor Baker said “we can scale that cost to the individual’s ability to pay and that makes a huge difference in bringing people, getting people together with medical care.”

The health center also has the only midwife care in Riverton.

Certified Nurse Midwife Tara Blumenshine said “me coming here I think has given women in the county a different option as opposed to a medical model we’re able to do a midwife model which is more centered and oriented to what the woman wants.”

Right now the center has one doctor and multiple nurses on staff; White says more providers will be added in time.

A new electronic medical records system is coming in January, so patients can see lab results and results of their visit directly on their smartphone.