New Guidelines for Hazing and Bullying

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CASPER, Wyo. Last fall, Natrona County School Officials came up with a universal disciplinary chart.

"There was interest by school board and school district personnel to align consequences of behaviors that were occurring throughout the district and to make sure that we were more alike than different and make sure there were commonalities behind our consequences for when students disrupt the school day. " Said Tom Ernst of the Natrona County School District.

Professionals say this could be good for kids to understand there are consequences to their actions.

"Bullying is a harmful behavior that is repeated or the threat of repetition is really overt is really obvious and so doing one thing one time. resulting in one consequence and knowing that if I repeat the behavior over and over again and knowing it's a different consequence I think is an important distinction here." Said Rosemary Bartle, a forensic therapist.

Both adults also say stopping bullying is a community effort.

"Nationally according to CDC there's been a decrease in the reporting of bullying and they believe the single major factor in that decrease is the awareness in communities and education." Said Bartle.

Bartle says parents can do a lot to help bu just stopping and listening.

Bartle says looking for signs like your kids not wanting to go to school is also important.