New Firehouse in Casper

CASPER, Wyo. A test alarm echoes through new fire station five as firefighters return the call.

The station is an upgrade from the old facility on 15th street in use since the 1970s.

Firefighters say new features in the station will help a lot, especially with nighttime incidents.

"With the new alerting system, it wakes us up just a little bit easier and it keeps our night vision intact. So when we have those incidents at night, we are in a better position both physically and mentally to go to those." Said Dane Andersen of the Casper Fire-EMS service.

The station is similar in design to others across the city.

Fire station five was the last new facility to be built for firefighters.

They say the new station also has more space for gear and equipment.

The biggest improvement is the new location, improving response times.

"Improved response time is always our goal, so part of that relocation study was to get stations better locations to account for current and future growth of the city. And obviously, the city of Casper seems to be always growing east." Explained Battalion Cheif Jason Speiser.

It is unknown what will happen to the old station five.

Firefighters are just happy to be in an upgraded facility.

Casper has a minimum of 18 firefighters working every day.

An open house is planned, but a date is not set.