New Clinic for New Parents

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If you're thinking about having a child, The Community Health Center of Central Wyoming has a new division to their Women's Clinic.

News 13s Justin Roth got a sneak peak of the new OBGYN unit.

Having a baby can bring a lot of different emotions, stress, joy, happiness, maybe anxiety and there is a new face in Casper working to make sure your experience is one of a kind.

Dr. Balpreet Singh is an MD OBGYN he says, "Our approach is going to be more measured unique to each patient and their characteristics and were going to make sure every patient has a personalize experience."

Dr. Singh's colleagues have faith in his abilities. Dr. Karl Radke is the Chief Medical Officer he says, "He knows really the latest and greatest that their is. The science of obstetrics and gynecology so he here to see all the patients who are pregnant."

Dr. Singh comes from Florida however he came to Casper because he believes in patient centric ideologically here at community health center.

"The unique approach is actually going to be unique to each patient there will be no cookie cutter approaches all the intervention and therapy that were going to formulate is going to be based on the patients specific complaints and what we think based on their characteristics is going to work for them" Singh said.

Patients receive one on one care which is important to new parents, with all of the latest and greatest technology. "Yes it is new and its all fully functional and ready to be used" Dr. Radke mentions.

So, why did Dr. Singh choose Casper?

He wanted to help people he says, "The undeserved population of the community and were going to provide them with the best care no matter what their background is social economic or otherwise and that's most exciting because we have all the resources. There's no restrictions."

And without restrictions it's that personal touch he says makes his job even better.

As for when their expecting their first delivery it could be as short as a few months away.

Patients can begin to see Dr. Singh starting Monday.